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Upcoming Events

May 29 -- Sharon Spangler
May 31 -- Margaret Bary
June 2 -- Luanne Stiles and Juliette Webb
June 5 -- Sharon Spangler

June 7 -- Frances Richardson with live music by Vicki and Jonny

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Born in Cyber Space

Residing and Dancing on Cloud Nine

When we come down to Earth, Symmetry becomes a truly Global Dance Organization.  Our Board Members are from Canada, UK, and USA.  Symmetry Callers are from UK and USA.  In the US, our Callers live in North Carolina, Tennessee, Illinois, New York, Maryland and Virginia.  Our volunteers are from all around the world.  Symmetry's "house band" is from the UK.  ---  Founder Symmetry ECD

Symmetry Callers

Sharon Spangler: Sunday
Frances Richardson: 1st Tuesday
Luanne Stiles: 2nd Tuesday & 1st Thursday
Juliette Webb: 3rd Tuesday & 1st Thursday
Ann Fallon: 4th Tuesday
Margaret Bary: 5th Tuesday
Mady Newfield: Guest



Robin: UK
Louise: Canada
Martha: St. Louis area, Childgrove
Gerald: Sunday Host
Larry: Maryland
Kris: Central Illinois
Faye: on the move
Mady: Chicago area, webmistress

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Upcoming live music for Symmetry:
June 7 with Frances Richardson


General questions: contact@symmetryecd.com

Webmaster: Mady Newfield     Contact her at mady@symmetryecd.com