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Symmetry sponsors dances every Tuesday and Sunday (2 pm Eastern) and every first Thursday (7 pm Eastern).

Every Sunday -- Sharon Spangler  (with live music by Vicki and Jonny on May 26)
May 21 -- Thomas Bending with live music by Vicki and Jonny
May 28 -- Neil Stuart
June 4 -- Frances Richardson
June 6 -- Val Medve


Sharon Spangler: Sundays
Frances Richardson: 1st Tuesday
Other Tuesdays and 1st Thursdays with Guest Callers
Thomas Bending
Graham Knight
Neil Stuart
Mady Newfield
Charlie Turner
Kappy Laning
Val Medve
Janet Shepherd
Luanne Stiles
Cathy Hollister
Dan Gillespie



Symmetry's British house band

Upcoming live music for Symmetry:
May 21 with Thomas Bending
May 26 with Sharon Spangler

Watch Vicki and Jonny play for a dance on YouTube


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Symmetry ECD is a 501(c)(3) organization supported by donations from dancers and friends of accessible participative dancing.

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We're excited! CDSS News Spring 2024 has an article about playing music for Symmetry by Vicki Swan!


CDSS News Fall 2023 has an article about Symmetry ECD by caller Sharon Spangler.



For more virtual dance opportunities check both the Country Dance and Song Society (filter by state and select ‘online’) and National Folk Organization online calendars.

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