Symmetry ECD is funded entirely by your donations.

We now have two donation links on the home page:

  • The blue button allows you to donate securely via credit card directly to our bank account via

  • The yellow button lets you donate via PayPal, where you may set up a monthly recurring payment.

If you have any difficulties with the donation link or find you are being charged an additional amount to make your donation, please let us know at

If you wish to send a check, it should be made out to "Symmetry ECD"  and mailed to Symmetry's Vice President:

Mady Newfield
Symmetry ECD
914 Horne Street
Saint Charles, IL 60174


Question: Who benefits from my donation to Symmetry?

Answer: You and all the people whose lives are richer because of Symmetry.  The musicians we support.

Question: Will Symmetry continue even though people are dancing in-person again?

Answer: YES.  The dance community has spoken.  There are people who drive long distances to attend their "local" dance.  There are "local" dances that are offered only once a month.  There are people who for other reasons can not get to a "local" dance.

Question: How can I support Symmetry in other ways than by a monetary donation?

Answer: Volunteer!  Contact the Symmetry Board at:  (This email address is read weekly.)