Q: How much does it cost to offer a Zoom Dance?

A: It depends. Is the Caller being paid? Are musicians being paid? Is recorded music being purchased?  What does the organization pay for the Zoom license, website, CDSS affiliation, Non Profit fees, PayPal fees, equipment?  Does the organization pay for an internet service or is that donated by the administrator? Does the organization hold Fundraisers to benefit Music & Dance?

Q: After a year of Zoom dancing and request by participants for Zoom dancing to continue after onsite dances have opened, should Zoom dances start charging "at the door" in lieu of relying on voluntary donations?

A: Good question that raises so many more questions.

Q: Are there participants who attend multiple Zoom dances every week who have never donated?

A: Yes.

Q: Are there opportunities for people who are short of funds to donate time in lieu of money?

A: Yes

Q: Is there a core of participants who donate to support Virtual Music & Dance?

A: Yes. Symmetry has a core of about 50 people out of a mailing list of 350, who are supporting Symmetry.

Summary:  If you donate, thank you.  If you don't donate or volunteer, Marcia, for one, would like to know why.  You can contact me at