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Staplers Dance 3 February 2024 -- from left to right: Frances Sly, Vicky Bursa, Frances Richardson, Rachael Bending, Thomas Bending, Vicki Swan, Robin James, Jonny Dyer, Mary Hartwell, Greg Hartwell. Photo credit: Vicki Swan

Caller Bob Green and musician Martha Edwards from St. Louis visited Symmetry friends in the UK in September 2023. Here they are at a dance in St. Albans. From left to right: Greg Hartwell, Martha Edwards, Mary Hartwell, Bob Green, and Thomas Bending. Bob taught the dances, Martha and Thomas played fiddle and keyboards, and Greg and Mary (and about 50 other attendees) danced! Photo credit: Robin James

Symmetry callers Margaret Bary, Luanne Stiles, and Juliette Webb enjoying themselves and learning at Lenox Assembly, April 2022

Symmetry friends at the in person Nashville Ball weekend, March 2022

It's always exciting when our Symmetry dancers get to dance in person! Here several friends together at Asheville's Midwinter Weekend February 11-13, 2022

Sharon Spangler and fellow dancers at Sun Assembly's ECD-themed Halloween party