Graham Knight

I started dancing about 35 years. I belonged to a club in Oxford where members were expected to call, which led me to becoming a regular caller. I also called at other clubs in the area. As I danced more I realised that there was a lot more I needed to learn which lead me to the CDSS and summer camps at Pinewoods. I have danced in several display teams and even danced on stage in New York!
My late wife Wendy Crouch, of Winter Solstice fame, was not only was a great mentor for my calling but introduced me to the Dolmetsch Historical Dance Society (now HDS). I call a wide range of dances from Tudor through Playford to the Regency, as well as modern ECD and contra and squares. I have been a co-director of the Eastbourne International Folkdance Festival with my wife Maureen. I have also been a caller at clubs in Somerset & Devon, as well as at Halsway Manor; on a contra dance tour of New Zealand; and have called a number of times on Zoom for a group in Australia.