Kappy Laning Dance List

February 1, 2024

  • Helena — Colin Hume (dance and tune) 1988 — Karen Axelrod and Rachel Bell recording
  • Bluebonnets — Joseph Pimentel 2005, in The Goldcrest Collection — Tune by Debbie Jackson — Goldcrest (Daron Douglas, Paul Oorts, Dave Wiesler), The Goldcrest Collection
  • Trip to Tunbridge — Preston 1793 — Bare Necessities, Mrs. Beveridge’s Triumph
  • The Chocolate Equation — Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett, 2009 in Impropriety 3 — Tune by Shira Kammen — Roguery (Shira Kammen, Anita Anderson, Jim Oakden, Dave Bartley), Impropriety 3
  • Softly Good Tummas — 1718 — Reconstructed by Andrew Shaw 2022, in The She Favourite — Bare Necessities, By Choice
  • Turning by Threes — Gary Roodman 2003 in A Finite Set of Calculated Figures — Tune: Tourner á Trois by Paul Machlis — MGM (Mary Lea, Margaret Ann Martin, Gene Murrow), New Friends, Music for a 2nd set of dances from Gary Roodman
  • Leather Lake House — Bishop 1788 — Bare Necessities (Kate Barnes, Earl Gaddis, Mary Lea, Jacqueline Schwab), At the Ball
  • Final waltz: The Middle of Night by Kate Barnes — Bare Necessities, Invitation to Waltz