Fundraiser – 5th Tuesday

Vicki and Jonny Grand Fundraiser - 5th Tuesday in June

Join us in thanking our live musicians - Vicki and Jonny!

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 June 29th, 2021, 2:00 ET

Exclusive 50 track V&J mp3 album  (details at the dance)

Your donations will be matched by Sharon Spangler & Gerald  Pottern, and by Symmetry ECD

It is becoming a Symmetry tradition that Vicki and Jonny offer wonderful original songs and other non-dance music at the break.


Margaret Bary

 Margaret Bary (Brooklyn, NY) is a lifelong dancer and dance educator. She teaches English   Country Dance at Country Dance New York, and other dances in the region, and calls   community dances at a variety of local venues. Along with her family, she has been a regular   participant in CDSS Campers’ Week for many years, leading dances for all ages, teaching sword dance workshops and serving a stint as Program Director. Margaret is active on the steering committee of Pourparler, a national gathering of teachers of traditional dance and music in schools and communities. As a member of Half Moon Sword, she hosts the NYC English Sword Dance Ale, and performs locally, as well as at festivals. Margaret has a background in Modern Dance, holds an MFA in Dance Choreography and is a Certified Laban Movement Analyst. Underlying all of her work with children and adults, Margaret believes that participatory dance experiences foster joy, self-expression and connection between people.



For this June 29 dance, all donations will go to Vicki and Jonny, who have generously offered their live music for our dances.