B Choreography


Adapted from : DEVIL’S MAGGOTT Think duple minor, Playford 3-part style
Original : Diane Schmit (1993)
Tune : Jonathan Jensen (6/8 time)

A (1) Up a double and back twice (2) Into line siding right and left (3) Arm right and left.
B1 Gent cross down; lady cross down. Two hand turn once and a half moving back up.
B2 Back-to-back Set and turn single.


Adapted from : EVAN’S DELIGHT Think three couple longways
Original : Playford Dancing Master, vol 2, editions 3 & 4, 1718 & 1728, in Andrew Shaw’s “She Favourite” (6/8 time)
Note : Half figures are across the music

A1 Cast to middle place [1-2]; half figure eight up [3-6]; set [7-8].
A2 Cast back to first place [1-2]; half figure eight down [3-6]; set [7-8].
B1 Cross right and cast to middle place. Cross left and cast to bottom place.
B2 Set; lead back to the top. Two-hand turn.


Adapted from : DELIA (or The Amorous Goddess) Three couple longways
Original : Ellen Taylor
Music : Samuel Howard, (4/4 time, 4 beats to the bar). The song “Delia” appeared in the opera “The Amorous Goddess” by Samuel Howard (1710-1782) which was premiered in Drury Lane on 01 Feb 1744.

A                 Partners step to the right and honour and step to the left and honour [1-2]. Partners right-hand turn [3-4]. Double promenade to the left back to place [5-8].
B               Cross and cast to middle [1-2]. Half figure eight up through the couple above [3-4]. Cross and cast back up to top place [5-6]. Half figure eight down through the couple below [7-8].
C            Grimstock Hey [1-4]. Partners two-hand turn [5-6]. Partners set and turn single [7-8].


Adapted from : DUNHAM OAKS Think duple minor, proper (original was improper)
Original and tune : Brian Wedgbury (4/4 time, 16 bar B)
Note : This dance was second in an EFDSS competition in 1973. Dunham Oaks, near Altrincham, Cheshire, was the home of Major E. F. Pilkington, President of the Manchester District of the EFDSS from 1928 to 1969.

A1    Two-hand turn, finish close. Fall back a double and come forward, pausing momentarily.
A2    Cross right with partner and a wide loop right . Left-hand turn.
B      Take two hands, half a draw poussette, anti-clockwise, ladies pulling and open out to face up. Set right and left to the presence; face partner, set right and left.
Back-to-back. Without hands, three changes, across, up and across.


Adapted from : MY LADY WINWOOD’S MAGGOTT Think three couple longways, dance as first couple
Original and tune : Dancing Master vol III c 1727, Charles Bolton’s interpretation (4/4 time, B music is 16 bars)

A1    Set and cast down to middle place. Lead down and cast back up to middle place.
A2   Go right, man down, lady up for heys across the ends.
B    Single file circle clockwise half way [1-4]. Back-to-back [5-8]. Step right and honour then step left and honour [9-12]. Two-hand turn half way; cast back up to home place [13-16].


Adapted from : ST CATHERINE Think duple minor
Original and tune : Playford Dancing Master 11-18, 1701-1728 (4/4 time)

A1   Set right and left; turn single right. Right-hand turn.
A2   Set left and right; turn single left. Left-hand turn, finish close.
B1   Fall back away from partner; cross right, finish close. Fall back away from partner; cross right.
B2  Back-to-back. Lead up and cast back.