Brian Dance List

In the Fields in Frost and Snow : Dancing Master, 1710 (to Bare Necessities)
Star of Kintra : Trevor Monson, 2004 (to The Dancehall Players)
Winter Dreams : Gary Roodman, 1996 (to MGM and Reunion)
The Chocolate Round O : Fried de Metz Herman, 1989 (to The Assembly Players)
Bell Tower Bouree, Gary Roodman, 2017 (to Cilantrio)
Mistletoe Kisses, Caroline Bunting, ???? (to The Greensleeves Country
Dance Band)

January 5, 2021

Devil's Maggot, 1973 (to The Assembly Players)
Evan's Delight, 1718 (to Belshazzars Feast)
Delia, 1977 (to Wild Thyme)
Dunham Oaks, 1973 (to F-W & co uk)
St Catherine, 1701 (to The Dancehall Players)